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Brevet des collèges


Certificat d'Aptitudes Professionnelles (CAP)

City and Guilds Certificate in vocational training

Brevet d'Aptitudes Professionnelles (BEP)

Technical School Certificate


Secondary School

L (option mathématique)
L (option langues étrangères)
ES (option économique et sociale)
S (option mathématique)
S (option physique/chimie)
avec mention

in Literature & Maths
in Literature & Languages
in Economics
in Maths
in Science
with honours (or "Hons.")

Lycée Technique

BTEC National Diploma

Classes Préparatoires

Private University






First two years of a BA / BSc


Scientific Degree


Bachelor Degree (BA/BSc) (LLB for law)


Masters Degree (MA / MSc)

Master / Master spécialisé

Specialist Postgraduate Diploma


Vocational Training Certificate



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